Human resource management technology 4.0

iGlobal Human Resources (Human Resource Management Software iGlobal_HRM) is a powerful tool to help managers maximize Optimize human resource management efficiency from strategy to execution.null

Automate all rules HR – Employee – Leader in the business

Comprehensive management of the Human Resource Operations: Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Case Management, Cooperation dong, salary, PIT, social insurance, reward, discipline,…

Help leaders grasp Instantly catch more than 50 types of reports on personnel fluctuations and recruitment efficiency Utilities, salary funds, … on any device.

Advantages of iGlobal HRM software

Connect directly with recruitment floors, networks social, recruitment website to post and collect candidate profiles, improve Recruitment efficiency

Link data with other modules in ERP platform for overall business governance: Accounting, Sales, Article Management onion

Instantly know the quantity, variable situation dynamic in each department, promptly have solutions to stabilize personnel

Look up work history, capacity, success product… of employees for planning and appointment

Easily send wishes (birthday, wedding Q,…) or offer condolences to promptly motivate employees

Business travelers can still approve permissions, approve topics Recommend business travel via mobile

Detailed personnel evaluation report system, Track the results of each employee’s goals

iGlobal HRM helps you manage human resources comprehensively with full operations


Automate the recruitment process from attracting candidates, posting Recruitment on recruitment platforms, social networks, free recruitment website, support online examination and interview assistant, detailed recruitment performance report

Reception of applications member

It only takes 5 minutes to perform all application reception procedures Successful Officers: Turn candidate profiles into employees, notify employees to submit replenishing missing records, allocating and handing over IT assets and resources

Case Management

Attach a scanned copy of the profile according to the employee, easy to look up, reduce Get time to search for records. Individual employee profile data managed assignments Middle, deep chain throughout from the time of admission to the time of quitting

Human resources staff save 35% of the time for carrying out procedures and careers Department of Human Resources

Look up salary, tax, insurance information

Make an application for leave (leave, sickness, according to the regime …), the procedures for business trips, advance settlement

Congratulations (birthday, wedding…) or condolences to motivate to increase solidarity among employees

Understand the internal information and policies of Fast company

Work with parts quickly, economically Save money with chat applications, voice calls.

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