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Body Shopping & Consulting

Our company provides body shopping and consulting services to help businesses optimize their operations and reach their goals

Digital Innovation

Our digital innovation services focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IOT, AR/VR to help businesses stay ahead of the curve with Outsourcing Services & PBO

Industries In Focus

Our company has deep expertise in several industries and offers targeted solutions for businesses in these sectors, including eCommerce, POS, CRM, ERP, gameFi, digital transformation & marketing

Product & Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (CRM, HR, Sales, POS, Purchase, etc.)

Empowering businesses by digitizing their management processes and providing them with modern, specialized tools across multiple platforms (mobile, desktop, web, etc.). Our solutions help optimize production resources and improve efficiency, streamlining business operations and maximizing profits. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we help businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition

Video/image analysis system

Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to develop image processing and NLP solutions that can accurately identify a range of objects, including OCR, human faces, behavior and expression, color, vehicles, context, and more. Our technology allows for easy object search from video, whether by keyword or input image, and can even catch specific objects as desired. With our cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, businesses can streamline their operations and gain valuable insights into their data

E-Commerce Platform

Offering a variety of services such vendor administration, bill of lading, promotion management, complaint management, customer care, and decentralized management, being completely developed to satisfy the demands of our clients. Our platform's user-friendly interface and adaptability to your company's demands let you optimize operations and give your consumers a flawless purchasing experience. With our all-inclusive e-commerce solutions, you may expand your company and boost sales


Empowering innovative technologies

Web/mobile & Server Backend Development

Build web/mobile & backend server based on latest technologies: Angular, React, VueJs, Flutter, Python, HTML5, PHP, Java, Golang, nodejs and express

Next Gen Technologies

Our next-gen technology services focus on emerging technologies that are transforming the business landscape. Our offerings include: AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Cloud, Data Analytics/ Big Data, IoT

Outsourcing Service & PBO

Our outsourcing services and professional business outsourcing (PBO) solutions provide a range of services to help businesses streamline their operations and reduce costs.

Industries in Focus

Our company has deep expertise in several industries and offers targeted solutions for businesses in these sectors, including: ERP such as CRM, HR, Warehouse, POS, eCommerce, Edtech, Medtech, etc., Data & network security

"We have been impressed by the vast range of skills and unwavering commitment that iGlobal possesses in serving their customers. Their dedication to providing exceptional service has been truly remarkable and exceeded our expectations".

Hyoung-bae Park
Managing Director at Soosan In't

"iGlobal's professionalism during our previous project was noteworthy. Their flexibility in their interaction with us was especially impressive, and they were able to deliver a highly competitive proposal compared to other providers".

Mirlande Manigat
CTO at Natcom

"I appreciate that you have the capacity to manage even new and tough request".

Song Huoyn
Head Of Software Development Center at Bogo Information

"iGlobal demonstrated exceptional cooperation during the development process, meeting pre-estimated timelines with precision. The client greatly appreciated their proactive, direct, and goal-oriented approach, which delivered high-quality work in a timely manner".

Huy Nguyen
Executive Director at EVN Hanoi
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Why us?

We are a team of technology enthusiasts with extensive experience working on diverse projects with a wide range of customers. Our achievements and values are reflected in every product and service we deliver, with a commitment to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. With a deep passion for technology and a focus on delivering high-quality results, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve success and drive innovation in their industries.

  • Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Strive to be flawless, and strive for self-improvement in everything of our work
  • Working with passion and commitment to quality and customer's satisfaction
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Choose the model that best suits your work from our Fixed, Extended, or Time & Materials options

Ensure the success of the product even after the completion of the project

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At iGlobal, we are passionate about leveraging the latest technology platforms to bring exceptional value and experiences to our users and customers. Our team is driven by a shared commitment to excellence, constantly seeking ways to innovate and deliver solutions that address real-world challenges across a range of industries. With a focus on helping our clients succeed, we approach each project with a collaborative mindset and a dedication to delivering outstanding results. At iGlobal, “your success is truly our success”!